The beauty of these modalities is they all lead to very similar results, so choose what calls you, or try them all.

Release tension from the physical body and bring some calm to the mind. Notice, almost immediately, that you’re sleeping more soundly, your body is lighter and more agile than it’s been in a long time, and you don’t feel as anxious as often.

As you continue on your self-care journey, you may notice deeper changes: you may release old holding patterns in the physical body, as well as old stories and narratives that no longer serve. You may create space within for a new way of being, using self-care for self-love.

This is the transformational power of the work we do together.


integrative healing:

yoga + meditation + bodywork + reiki

Ideal for folks who want to relieve physical tension, calm the spinning mind, and get emotional release.

Most people leave a session feeling extremely relaxed. Stress and anxiety reduce. With the gradual release of chronic pain, you experience ease in your body, a lightness of being.

We begin with light stretches to bring you out of your head and into your body. Guided meditation begins to ease the mind. You receive therapeutic massage to release areas of chronic pain. Receiving Reiki directly following massage means you’re more open to receiving its benefits. Thus, we end with crystal-infused Reiki to release toxins that may have surfaced during the bodywork, and to recharge your system with positive energy.

Making this time for your self-care and your healing creates space within for a new way of being: living in self-love.

reiki with healing crystals

Simply put, Reiki uses the natural energy that flows in each of us to bring your system the balance it needs. Whether it’s physical tension that needs releasing, anxiety or stress, an active mind, Reiki brings balance. Everyone has a different experience with Reiki because the energy serves what each person needs in that moment.


In a Reiki session, you lie down fully clothed, eyes open or closed, your choice. I place crystals on and around you to encourage energy flow and release. I follow your energy and move my hands around various parts of your body with hands on the body or hovering just above, your choice. You will likely feel heat from my hands and likely get more and more relaxed as the session proceeds. Many folks fall asleep or end the session feeling deeply relaxed.

General benefits of Reiki include reduction in pain and stress, improved sleep, improved digestion. People can feel more motivated, less depressed. Other benefits include moving through your day with a steadier mood, an expanded self-awareness, increased productivity, and a more profound sense of engagement with the world.

yoga and meditation

The perception of yoga gets further from the truth everyday. Please know I don’t teach “yoga for flexibility”. I don’t teach yoga for exercise or for a yoga booty. I teach yoga as a way to build a compassionate relationship with the body. To build the skill of slowing down, cultivating grounding and ease into your day. I teach yoga as a way to come home to your self.

Come out of your head and into your body through a series of stretches and postures especially designed for you. Release parts of the body that are stiff or sore from stress, injury or chronic pain. Guided meditation helps slow down the ever-whirring mind, reduce anxiety, and be more connected to the present moment- in yoga and in life. End with an aromatherapy infused relaxation component.

Yoga brings physical and mental relaxation and rejuvenation. It reduces anxiety, loosens muscles, improves sleep and digestion, helping you feel grounded and centered.