In the safety of trauma-informed, QTPOC space, I support you in using your own innate wisdom to create your path to healing, to transformation. 

what is trauma-informed healing?

My commitment to trauma-informed healing and self-compassion is the foundation of my work.

Trauma-informed means meeting you where you are, not where I want you to be.

It means offering many different ways of doing things and seeing what you find supportive, versus forcing you to use just one technique and making you feel bad if you "fail".

Trauma-informed work is rooted in safe space.

Space where you don't have to do the labor of explaining your identities. They may be shared with others, or there are others who have their own multiple identities and therein lies the understanding. I don't jolt your nervous system with assumptions that I share your exact journey either because that can feel just as violating, and it’s just not true.

Being a trauma-informed practitioner means I am in dialogue with you about everything and how it feels, how you receive it, how we must change it so it works for you.

why baby steps?

It’s like those diets folks start on January 1 that are abandoned by January 15. If we try to do it with an all-or-nothing attitude, most of us won’t last for the long haul. And self-care is for the long haul.

So instead, we start where you are. I teach you one self-care tool at a time and support you in integrating it with patience and compassion.

Working with your innate wisdom, we design a practice that suits your personality and lifestyle and that will last a lifetime. With compassion and gentleness towards yourself, take small, manageable steps, over time, to forge a path of healing and self-love.

you are enough

Many of us spent our lives being told we were less than. Here, the message is always; you are enough, just the way you are.

With me, the message is always: you are doing enough. Whether you practice at home or not, whether you forget to do some of the techniques one day or one week or one month, we always start over.

I am always here for you, without shame or blame. Because we are all human. We work with your humanity not against it.


why this approach

We approach this work in increments. With self-compassion, self-forgiveness, moving towards self-love. Why?

This work of self-empowerment starts with picking ourselves up out of the rubble, tending to our wounds, internal and external, and then applying the balm of healing modalities.

From there, we stand up. We lift our heads high. We come into the full extent of our power. Our lives are never the same again.

what exactly is deep release and transformation?

Deep release and transformation include release of old wounds, release of old patterns that no longer serve you. This helps move towards healing and transformation. You release old stories about yourself which are no longer true.

This deep release opens up space for coming home to yourself after a long time or finding your self for the first time.