My intention is to create safe space for queer and trans folks and people of color to heal themselves and move from surviving to thriving.

Using holistic modalities and working with the framework that "any amount is enough", I support people find deep release and transformation.

In sacred, safe queer, trans and POC space, my clients build a long term, intentional self-care practice that works for them, releasing old messages of being unworthy or undeserving, ultimately moving towards self-empowerment and self-love.

safe space above all

I inhabit multiple intersections: queer, Parsi, Pakistani-Canadian, disabled woman of color. I spent the majority of my life feeling unseen, unheld.

The irony of having a healing space trigger one’s trauma is all too familiar to marginalized folks. I would enter a new “inclusive” space and instantly experience multiple triggers: it would be hella white, hella hetero, hella ableist, hella expensive. I would do my own modifications because the teacher didn’t offer any, and sometimes go home injured. I would often be the only South Asian person in a yoga class, being told by a white person about my own heritage while expected to breathe and relax.

I would leave these classes feeling even smaller and unseen than before I’d gone in. I wondered, “Can you do self-care if you aren’t able, white, young and rich?”

On a couple of rare occasions, I found myself in safe QTPOC space. How immediately my nervous system relaxed! I remembered the Toni Morrison quote that had inspired me to become a writer years ago: “If you can’t find the book you want to read, you must write it”.

I followed the same mantra as I set up my healing practice: offering QTPOC folks accessible self-care in safe space, in safe community.

Because when we feel safe, only then do we truly deeply heal.


Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training, 2016

Spiritual Justice Immersion, 2017

Reiki Level I, 2017