Accessibility is my most core value and access to healing is at the heart of my work. My sliding scale, its structure, and the rates offered within have come from such consideration as:

  • we are all in different places financially and we all deserve accessible healing offerings

  • to assess our own financial needs is tender and often triggering work; I’m here to have a conversation if that serves (and to continue to be in conversation). 

  • assessing our needs is complex; it’s not always about the numbers. That’s why I have chosen the narrative chart to give some support in determining the rate you wish to pay.

  • the price points consider my costs to offer and maintain a practice that meets my needs and supports you at the same time.

In order for sliding scale to work, there must be trust. I will never ask for income verification. I trust you to choose what serves you best, knowing that we all thrive when we show up for ourselves and each other with integrity.

For a deeper understanding of how and why the sliding scale is structured this way, go to:

Please note I have limited slots available for the low end of the scale. Please email me directly to check for availability.

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